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This report is for viewing only, and shows the activity on this account for the current month. Activity for the previous month will also be displayed once an account has been active for more than one month.

Daily Billing Summary

This report will group data by month; however, it is updated on a daily basis.
MTD Summary (From 05/01/01)
Number of Transactions 8
Number of Incoming Transactions 6
Number of Outgoing Transactions 2
    Number of Immediate Transactions 2
Network Transmission Volume (kbyte) 12
Next Due Date 06/01/01

Breakdown of Last Month Expenses (200104)
Monthly Charge $50.00
Number of Transaction Allowance: 30
Number of Outgoing Transactions: 2
Number of Incoming Transactions: 9
Transaction Charge: $0.00
Surcharge for Urgent Delivery Transactions $5.00
Network Transmission Charge:
   14K at $0.50/kchar $7.00
Total $62.00

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