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This report lists all transactions sent by you to the ezitrade server. Click on the ID to view original transaction info.

The "Posted" field shows the date the ezitrade server received the file from you.

The "Sent" field shows the date the ezitrade server finished translating the transaction into it's corresponding format and sent it off to your trading partner.

The "Status" field shows the status of the transaction.

Outbound Transaction Report

Transactions completed in last 5 days, including incomplete or reprocessed transactions.
ID Status Description Posted Sent Trading Partner
90531:1 File Sent 77229 97111318104920 11/3/99 12:10:38 PM 11/3/99 12:13:13 PM XYZ Ltd.
80700:1 Re-Processed 111 9/28/999/28/99 10/6/99 11:03:49 PM 10/7/99 11:01:12 AM ABC Co.

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